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Don’t let “About Us” mislead you…All Schools Consulting is actually all about you, our client.

Fee-based ASC was created to meet a very real community need. You’re here because it’s time for a change – whether you’re seeking your youngster’s all-important first school, relocating to Arizona or Oregon, moving to a new neighborhood within the state, or facing significant life decisions for your child.

The short version of what we do: We save time and lessen stress by assisting families in choosing their children’s PS-12 schools.

The big picture: By taking time to build trust and really understand your needs and interests, we’ve learned that discovering the best school fit can make all the difference for a student and their family.

Arizona and Oregon support open enrollment in the public school sector, which includes local school districts and charter schools, as well as offering a wide range of faith-based and independent private schools. In Arizona, with a population nearing 7.2 million, and Oregon, with a population of 4.25 million, the sheer number of options can be daunting. ASC founder and adviser Elie Gaines applies her professional expertise and knowledge of Arizona and Oregon’s schools to serve as your family’s supporter and unbiased advisor. Our personalized search process is an interactive one, and we’re with you every step of the way.

All Schools Consulting

Elie Gaines, M.Ed.

Elie Gaines is a fortunate person: Her vocation is also her passion. The lead consultant of All Schools Consulting has been deeply involved in the educational system for more than two decades as an award-winning teacher, school administrator and national curriculum consultant. Just as importantly, with adult children now pursuing career goals, she also well understands the parenting side of the equation.

Seeking a specific type of environment for her son and daughter’s very different needs, she personally reviewed their school options from preschool through high school. Even as an educator, Elie admits, she found navigating the search process to be confusing, challenging…and enlightening. Over the years she learned that there really is a “family fit” to consider when selecting a school.

Elie firmly believes that children should be guided, nurtured and given every opportunity to thrive. Over a 20-year teaching career in early elementary education, and later as an elementary school principal, she prioritized working together with parents to discover a path for success for each student. At the other end of the spectrum, she devoted time to volunteering in her children’s schools – observing various programs in action, working alongside other parents in classrooms and at school events, and serving in parent organizations.

An established academic leader who has been privileged to serve on numerous local, state and national education committees and boards, Elie is also a noted national educational consultant. Since 2001, she has trained teachers on curriculum, leadership and best instructional practice in schools across the country.

With the creation of All Schools Consulting, Elie Gaines has come full circle – only now, this lifelong learner and teacher is leading both children and their families on a rewarding journey of discovery.

Elie Gaines - All Schools Consulting

In 2004, award winning teacher Elie Gaines was one of two Arizona teachers recognized as a Milken Educator, a prestigious national award hailed by Teacher magazine as the “Oscars of Teaching.”

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All School's Consulting - Parent Testimonial

“I am blessed to be the mother of two highly performing and thriving students; one in college and one in high school. With the highest degree of respect I can attest to a foundation that was built for both of them by Elie Gaines going all the way back to 2nd grade. Elie was not only an exceptional teacher she was remarkable at giving every student no matter their ability, individual challenges which propelled them to excel. Her innate ability to balance the perfect amount of nurturing with the proper amount of discipline was gratifying to witness. I have continued to stay in touch with Elie throughout the years and when it comes to the classroom, she is the most knowledgeable and experienced individual I know.”

Parent Testimonial, -Barbara Frey