We were referred to Elie Gaines via Above and Beyond Relocation Services as we are making an overseas move. Elie was really helpful and hands on, taking the time to really dig into what it was that we as parents were looking for, but also talking with our daughter to get to know her best as possible via video link and this way tailored her search to our requirements. I would thoroughly recommend Elie Gaines and All Schools Consulting. They really know the educational options available in Phoenix very well and are honest in their assessment.

– Christine and Harry, Bristol, United Kingdom/ Scottsdale, AZ

ASC provides a comprehensive and detailed report that helped us find the best school options for our child.

– Cara, Gilbert, AZ

Our family is relocating to Phoenix, AZ. As an educator, the highest priority was finding an excellent high school for our son. Elie Gaines exceeded our expectations. Her attention to detail, expertise, and personable nature made the experience very positive…We are forever grateful!

– SarahJane and Lane, Fairfax, Virginia/ Phoenix, AZ

Your child’s education is the most significant choice you can make to impact their lives. Given the blessing of expansive choice in Arizona, finding the right school that is specific to your child’s needs can be an overwhelming process. After extensive research and school visits myself, I enlisted the help of ASC and was able to narrow the right choice for my child, and couldn’t have found the best path for him without their extensive knowledge and experience.

– Amanda V., Phoenix, AZ

ASC (All Schools Consulting) catered precisely to our needs. They molded the services to our specific situation and only had our child’s best interest at heart.

– Rebecca and Eric, Scottsdale, AZ

All Schools Consulting provided us with a very detailed report of the schools. We truly appreciate all the time and effort Elie put into this process. She was very proactive in inquiring info about the schools and following up with them for additional information after the tours.

– Karen, Chicago/Scottsdale/Paradise Valley

All Schools Consulting was a great investment in our son’s future. Elie Gaines took the time to get to know our family and what we were looking for in a school for our son. She was professional and compassionate at all times during the process. We look forward to working with All Schools Consulting again for our other son.
(And one year later, for their other son…)
ASC was a valuable resource to help our family with junior high placement for our son. Elie Gaines is kind, professional, knowledgable, and caring. We would recommend ASC to any family that wants to make an informed decision about their child’s education.

– Nathalie and Ken, Gilbert, AZ

It was the best decision and I have not had one regret! The kids are so happy and thriving!! Thank you so much for all your help and helping me make a very tough decision. Forever grateful!

– Jenny K., Scottsdale, AZ

All Schools Consulting offers professional and personalized service to meet the needs of your family. (It) was wonderful to have someone guide us through the research of schools we should consider. Thank you!

– Leslie, Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you for all of your help, it was very instrumental in closing the deal.

– Jean Callahan, Senior VP, Human Resources at Cole Real Estate Investments, Inc., Phoenix, AZ

Elie did a great job of listening to the needs for our son. She did all the research and alleviated a lot of the stress we felt looking for a new school.

– Diana and Gil

Elie helped guide us through the maze of public and private school choices. She helped us zero in on our choice by understanding our family, our student and our goals.

– Cindy D., Tucson, AZ

Our son’s previous school was not a good fit in regard to curricular choices and did not provide a healthy balance of work, play and personal exploration. A change was needed, but what school? ASC interviewed our family and son to learn what was important to us when evaluating schools. A comprehensive report was supplied that listed our school choices and reasons why ASC thought they would be a good match. From the schools listed in the report we found a couple that fit our needs and those of our son. ASC set up tours and facilitated introductions to the schools administration making the transition painless.

– Mike, Paradise Valley, AZ

Moving from Tennessee to the Phoenix school system was very overwhelming with a new Kindergartener. Elie’s in depth knowledge of the schools and administrators made our lives much easier. She worked hard for us in-person, by phone and email. We felt confidant in our choice because of her assistance. We are off to a terrific year!

– Sarah K., Tennessee/ Scottsdale, AZ

People tend to choose schools based on geographic proximity or an anecdotal recommendation by a friend. That’s a great way to choose a dog groomer or gardener, but we wanted more guidance on our child’s education. All Schools Consulting provided metrics, research and insights that allowed us to make an informed decision on our child’s education. Elie was particularly helpful in understanding our unique medical needs and determining appropriate schools based on those needs.

– Todd S., Paradise Valley, AZ

Elie was really great to work with. Her knowledge about schools in the Valley was very helpful in discussing what would/would not work for our family. Once we received the school list it was less overwhelming to dig deeper and really determine which was a good fit.

– Yvette A., Scottsdale, AZ

I am blessed to be the mother of two highly performing and thriving students; one in college and one in high school. With the highest degree of respect I can attest to a foundation that was built for both of them by Elie Gaines going all the way back to 2nd grade. Elie was not only an exceptional teacher she was remarkable at giving every student no matter their ability, individual challenges which propelled them to excel. Her innate ability to balance the perfect amount of nurturing with the proper amount of discipline was gratifying to witness. I have continued to stay in touch with Elie throughout the years and when it comes to the classroom, she is the most knowledgeable and experienced individual I know.

– Barbara Frey

All Schools Consulting is a wonderful and refreshing opportunity to assist parents in making choices about their children’s education and school community.  It’s a perfect resource when parents feel lost and alone and are seeking alternatives.  And when a child feels lost and alone, it affects the whole family.  All Schools Consulting can answer the unanswered questions.  It worked for our family.

– Parent, Cave Creek, AZ

It was an absolute delight to meet you. Thank you for using your knowledge, experience and passion for education to help families and children with such an important decision!

– Director of Admissions & Marketing, Private, independent Preschool-Grade 8 school, Phoenix-metro area

Elie Gaines is one of the finest educators I have had the privilege to know and work with. As a teacher and leader, her grasp of what makes a school effective — and how to help teachers grow and succeed — is astonishing in its breadth. At Core Knowledge, I called on Elie often for advice, guidance, or simply to toss around ideas on curriculum, teaching, professional development and other topics. Her experience and accomplishments and depth of knowledge truly set her apart.

– Robert Pondiscio, Senior Fellow & VP External Affairs, Fordham Foundation/ former Executive Director at CitizenshipFirst

I am proud to say that Elie Gaines was our school principal and my supervisor. She has spent many years working in different areas of education.  Elie has much experience and knowledge with regards to the various kinds of schools in the valley and what they have to offer your family.  She has the expertise and caring to find the best match for your child.

– Reading Specialist, CCUSD

Elie Gaines is a creative and engaging educator. In the classroom, she worked tirelessly to inspire her students, As school administrator and spokesperson for Core Knowledge Curriculum she was sought out for her expertise, thoughtful consideration and problem solving abilities. She also has the talent to collaborate and cooperate in many different types of situations. At “All Schools Consulting”, you will find Elie to be a very knowledgeable and trustworthy consultant.

– Bobbie Darroch, Principal/Charter Holder at Benchmark School

I have known Elie for 12 years as a teacher, principal and educational consultant. She is exceptional in the area of educational consulting. Her knowledge of the educational system is outstanding and her experience provides her with a unique ability to provide excellent guidance to her clients. If you (or someone you know) are seeking advice regarding selecting the best education option for your child, I highly recommend Elie and All Schools Consulting.

– Lorraine Field, VP, Human Resources, Triwest Healthcare Alliance

I have had the pleasure of working with Elie in the educational consulting field over the last 10 years. She is extremely knowledgeable about schools and curriculum, and passionate about finding the right educational “fit” for children and families.

– Kimberley Marchisotto, Teacher/Educational Consultant at PVUSD

Elie Gaines is smart, experienced, and passionate about education. Working with Elie in charter school leadership, I got to see firsthand how she interacts with students, teachers, and administrators. She has a knack for connecting with people, and always makes decisions with student success at the forefront of her mind. She’s a natural educator, and I can’t think of anyone better for the business of connecting families with the right schools for their children. When you work with All Schools Consulting, you can feel confident that you’ll gain honest, trustworthy, and valuable guidance from Elie.

-Nicky Huels, Schools Manager at Everfi