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Guest Blog by Breon Michel: Everyday Mindfulness for Families


Everyday Mindfulness for Families Guest Blog by Breon Michel: Have you ever caught yourself not paying attention in the middle of a conversation with a loved one? You were physically there, but your mind was somewhere else – already thinking about what’s for dinner or what time your son needs picked up from soccer practice. The mind’s ability to plan is essential to family well-being, but so is the ability to stay in the present moment. In today’s fast-paced, frenetic world, the mind often gets stuck in planning mode. Not only does this heighten stress and worrying about the [...]

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School Safety


School Safety In response to the recent school shootings, school safety comes into question, as it should. Certainly, with such tragedy but as it should be on a regular basis, schools have revisited crisis plans and steps taken daily to best ensure campus safety for their students and staff. To provide schools with realistic assistance for students with mental health issues would be advantageous – meaning what they really need versus what they have. Schools are often completely unequipped, or lack adequate assistance, to offer the help students really need. Students may be pushed through the system not because there aren’t caring educators [...]

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Award-Winning Educator Launches All Schools Consulting


Award-Winning Educator Launches All Schools Consulting Education-focused consulting firm will assist parents and children in finding the school with just the “right fit”. Choosing the appropriate school for a son or daughter is one of the most important decisions a parent will make. That’s why Scottsdale resident and experienced educator Elie Gaines recently launched All Schools Consulting (ASC). The consulting organization assists parents and their children in assessing school curriculum, goals and social environments. Guidance in choosing the program best suited to the child and his or her family is also offered. “As a parent, teacher and principal I was [...]

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How to Find the Right School: Part 1


How to Find the Right School December is the time of year when families may think seriously about school options – perhaps for a transition in January or for a change in the fall. Many private and public charter schools have busied themselves through the November open house and late-Fall application season. Preschools are gearing up for their busiest enrollment period beginning in January and families know where to camp-out for the night to be first in line for registration. The public district schools are preparing for Spring open houses and for early and open enrollment for the Fall. Private schools [...]

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The Right Fit


The Right Fit As a teacher and principal I was often asked by parents how they would know whether the current school choice was the right “fit” for their child. Or, they would share with me that they knew the current school was not the right fit and, because I knew their child and their family so well, they would ask for my thoughts on the new school they were considering. I have many such stories, but one stands out for me today. Although I haven’t seen her for a number of years now, I know she is a beautiful little girl. She [...]

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