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All Schools Consulting is a Preschool to Grade 12 school search consulting business. We know that other resources or services may be of interest to our families. We provide the following list of collaborative partners as a courtesy. Fees or compensation are not exchanged between ASC and these other services.

School Definitions

Boarding School…a school offering educational programming during the course of scheduled school hours as well as a boarding option where students reside during the calendared school year. Boarding schools may or may not offer the option of day school, only, for some students.

Daycare…can be birth to age 4-5, prior to Kindergarten; typically not considered “school-like”.

Day School…a school offering educational programming during the course of scheduled school hours, and does not offer regular overnight boarding school options for students to reside during the calendared school year.

Independent School…a school independent in its finances and governance; also known as Private schools.

Faith-based School…a private school with a religious affiliation or focus.

Preschool…prior to Kindergarten, usually for ages 2 – 4; may be “school-like”.

Private School…supported by a private organization or individuals; also known as Independent schools.

(Public) Charter School…state-funded, independent public schools operating under written agreement with a State-approved sponsor (see Arizona State Board for Charter Schools and State Board of Education).

Public (District) School…state-funded public schools run by a school district (see Arizona Department of Education).

School Tuition Organizations…Arizona Tax Credit donations can be made by any Arizona tax-paying resident within published, annual limits, to any school in Arizona, including public district, public charter, private parochial, or private independent schools. School Tuition Organizations are used by private schools to manage donations and distributions within the State’s legal framework for such tuition funding.

Other Resources

All Schools Consulting, Personalized School Search
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Family Wellness
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Miscellaneous Resources
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Relocation Services
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Resource Guides
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School Search
All Schools Consulting, Personalized School Search
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Therapeutic Program Options

Tutoring & Educational Evaluations
Diane Pollack, Special Education Tutor & Consultant
Peak Academics
Rising Stars Tutoring & Learning Center
Scottsdale Education Center



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