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Family-focused – your family is our number one priority. Regardless of whether you or your employer initiates the contract, All Schools Consulting provides the same detailed, one-on-one service – learning all we can about your student(s), your family, and key relocation dates and details, to ensure a successful school transition.

When a life transition initiates a family move to a new city or community, rely on All Schools Consulting to seamlessly coordinate the school search for children in preschool through high school.

Relocation All Schools Consulting

Corporate Relocation

We assist companies preparing families for relocation to or within Arizona in one of two ways:

  • As a compensated employee benefit. The employer or contracted relocation company provides an ASC school search package at little to no cost to the employee. If your company offers our consultation-only service, the employee can opt to pay the difference in cost for a comprehensive school search package.
  • As a corporate referral. The company simply includes an information about All Schools Consulting in their relocation packet. In this case, the individual employee contacts ASC directly to engage our services.
All School's Consulting - Planning a Family Move

Planning a Family Move?

Saying good-bye to all that’s familiar can be stressful. Whether your move is across town, across the country, or internationally, ASC lead consultant Elie Gaines understands the time and energy involved, even before adding a school search to the mix. A native of the U.S. Midwest who transplanted her family several times during her children’s school years, she’s no stranger to the joy and challenge of relocation.

At a time when your emotions can veer from apprehension to excited anticipation, you’ll find that it’s invaluable to have someone in place with practical knowledge of your new community. Having lived and worked as an educator for over 25 years, in Arizona and Oregon, Elie offers extensive insider experience with the state’s school systems and educational policies.

As you focus on the logistics of your family’s move, All Schools Consulting keeps your school search moving forward – evaluating your children’s needs and addressing your concerns with compassion and professionalism


“I am proud to say that Elie Gaines was our school principal and my supervisor. She has spent many years working in different areas of education. Elie has much experience and knowledge with regards to the various kinds of schools in the (State) and what they have to offer your family. She has the expertise and caring to find the best match for your child.”

-Reading Specialist

All Schools Consulting is an approved business partner or vendor with relocation specialists in Arizona and Oregon. Please see “Other Services” for a list of some of our collaborative partners and contact us if your relocation service is not on our approved courtesy listing.