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Is It The Right Move?

Preschool, primary, middle or high school…the value of a positive school experience at any age cannot be overstated. As much as good educational outcomes are tangible indicators of future success, however, the opposite also holds true.

Being immersed in a negative scenario – whether due to a personal crisis, ineffective instruction, or an underperforming school – can have a powerful, long-term impact in a student’s academic career and adult life. To put it in perspective, even one stressful or lackluster academic year represents one-twelfth of a child’s education. Each additional year of low achievement compounds the problem, causing a student to lose ground they may never regain.

Trust – between a student, parents, teachers and school administrators – is another essential component of an optimal educational process. How can anyone, but especially an impressionable child or teen, perform at their best in an environment where they feel unsupported or insecure?

“Is a transfer to another school right for my child?” Although not to be taken lightly,  a school move may be the most advantageous strategy to help your student get back on track academically, emotionally, and socially. With wisdom gained as a career educator as well as a parent who has been in your shoes, Elie Gaines brings a caring personal touch to this important transition for your family, guiding you in taking proactive steps to maximize your child’s education and well-being.

The Economics of Education

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A senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, Eric Hanushek reports that effective teaching generates higher achievements from students and, ultimately, also translates into higher earnings – an increase of as much as $400,000 over a student’s lifetime.