Our Families

Our Families

Elie Gaines founded All Schools Consulting because she loves kids. And while children are at the heart of everything we do, we can’t stress enough that this is a family journey. We partner with parents, grandparents, foster parents and other caregivers…whatever your role in a child’s life, All Schools Consulting offers a highly personalized, step-by-step PS-12 school search for adults who are responsible for ensuring the student’s education.

Change may not always be easy, but sometimes change is welcome or even necessary. The factors that lead families to consider moving their children to a different school are as diverse as our families themselves:

Family transitions

  • Relocating to a new city or neighborhood
  • Sharing child custody between two households
  • Grandparents raising grandchildren
  • Adopting a child or becoming a foster parent
  • Economic factors make a different school choice necessary, or desirable

All Schools Consulting

Student milestones

  • Seeking a suitable preschool for a child’s first school experience
  • Transitioning from preschool to elementary, or to middle school or high school


Student Milestones

Differing expectations between family and current school

  • Academic or instructional focus not aligned
  • Specific curriculum, services, programs of interest or social opportunities unavailable
  • Paths to secondary education or career readiness are unclear or not supported
  • Desire for greater college-or-career focus in early school years


Sensitive personal issues

  • Social challenges for the child and/or family
  • Bullying or unmanageable peer pressure
  • At-risk behaviors
  • Perception of the child or family about the current school, or vice versa
  • A child’s academic self-esteem
  • A “fresh start” for a child qualifying for exceptional child services




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