All Schools Consulting - Our Step-by-Step Process

Our Step-by-Step Process

First, let’s talk…

All Schools Consulting offers a complimentary, 30-minute initial phone consultation for prospective clients. We’ll ask you questions to learn what’s motivating your interest in a school search before talking over what you hope to achieve. If we all agree that ASC’s services are a good option for your family, we’ll discuss our consulting agreement and tiered fee structure with you.

Ready to get started?

We cater to the different needs of our families with two levels of one-on-one service. Before beginning either service, we ask all ASC clients to complete our family survey. We designed in-depth personal questionnaires to evaluate your child’s current school situation as well as your schooling preferences. The answers you provide serve as a great starting point to prepare us for meeting with your family.

All Schools Consulting - Our Step-by-Step Process

Level 1: Personalized Family Consultation

After reviewing your family survey, we sit down with you, preferably in-person, or by video conferencing if necessary. Over the course of an hour and a half or so, we lead a detailed discussion about the factors impacting your child’s school placement. If you are planning a family relocation, this time is also focused on the particulars of your move and defining your parameters for schooling options in your new community.

If your family is considering a school move locally, we’ll talk through the reasons for your concern and review the actions, if any, that you have taken thus far. ASC then helps your family to prioritize the importance of those concerns and weigh them in considering whether to proceed with changing your child’s school. In the end, you must ask: Can we strategize workable solutions that may resolve the situation satisfactorily, or are there deal breakers that leave no room for staying put?

Families often use Level 1 for further narrowing their own school search to the best school fit for their child and family. Following a similar, abbreviated process in Level 1 as in Level 2, this may also be used as a cost-saving option for some families.

All Schools Consulting - Student Milestones

Level 2: Comprehensive School Search

In this service, All Schools Consulting expertly guides you through our highly interactive search process to the selection of your preferred school, and later ensures your satisfaction with periodic follow-ups.

Initial Family Meeting:  Please plan on spending one to one-and-a-half hours for this informal meeting/interviews with you and your children in your home or another location of your choice, or by video conference if we’re not in the same city at the same time. We interview each parent or guardian, and the student individually, to develop a more accurate picture of your wants and must-have’s. Together we talk over your expectations and ask you to identify specific schools and/or types of schools you’re open to consider, as well as those you wish to eliminate.

  • School Search:  Prior to launching our school search, ASC takes into consideration all relevant information and data gathered on your child and from your family. This better ensures that our goals are aligned – enabling ASC to refine our search and plan detailed next steps to best meet the interests expressed by your family. With current data we’ve gathered on hundreds of schools we provide a comprehensive school search and review of data to support our recommendations. Every family brings us a unique school search. We do not work from a limited databank of schools, searching all available school options, and provide a level of personalization and expertise that is unique from any other Preschool – Grade 12 educational consulting service for day schools. In short, no other business is providing the unique service we provide at All Schools Consulting, and we pride ourselves on keeping the focus on your child and family throughout the process.
  • School Recommendations:  After applying all the data we’ve gathered on prospective schools combined with your unique search criteria, we narrow the field. Trust our expertise to recommend schools that best reflect your family’s interests. Because it’s important to feel that you can make a fair comparison of schools, ASC typically aims to present multiple candidates for your consideration, based on the idea that there is more than one ‘best school fit’ for your child and family.
  • School Contact and Tours: ASC makes arrangements with the individual schools you’ve selected and accompanies you on your campus visits, when possible. On rare occasions, a school may require direct planning with the family. We honor this unique process implemented by only a very few schools or districts. Please allow about an hour-and-a-half for each school tour, which includes travel time between schools and a follow-up review with ASC at its conclusion.
  • Final Review and School Selection: This is what we’ve all been working toward. While All Schools Consulting guides you in discovering the best fit for your child and family, the final school selection is yours.*
  • School Enrollment and/or Placement: Included in your comprehensive search program, ASC gives you a detailed explanation of the various steps required to enroll or secure school placement for your child.
    • Optional Assisted Enrollment and/or Placement:  For an additional fee, ASC offers counsel and sits down with you as you fill out the application paperwork necessary to complete your child’s enrollment process.
  • School Financial Aid: If financial assistance is required for your child to attend the chosen school, we inform you of your options and direct you to sources relevant to your expressed interest.
    • Optional Assisted Financial Aid:  For an additional fee, ASC walks you through the process required to complete your application for financial aid.
  • Follow-Up Survey:  All Schools Consulting endeavors to provide our families excellent service from start to finish. You will receive a brief survey within one week after the completion of your school search process – your valuable feedback and suggestions help ASC continually improve the quality of our offerings.
  • Phone Check-Ins: As a complimentary service, we touch base with you by phone to monitor your child’s progress after starting at the new school, and again at various school-related milestones. ASC may choose to conduct an additional check-in within the year prior to when a student would be transitioning to the next school level (preschool to kindergarten; kindergarten to elementary; elementary to middle school; middle to high school; or high school to post-secondary education).

*All Schools Consulting cannot guarantee the availability of school openings or your child’s placement. Any placement offer is an express agreement between the school, the student and the student’s family.