Award-Winning Educator Launches All Schools Consulting

Education-focused consulting firm will assist parents and children in finding the school with just the “right fit”.

Choosing the appropriate school for a son or daughter is one of the most important decisions a parent will make. That’s why Scottsdale resident and experienced educator Elie Gaines recently launched All Schools Consulting (ASC).

The consulting organization assists parents and their children in assessing school curriculum, goals and social environments. Guidance in choosing the program best suited to the child and his or her family is also offered.

“As a parent, teacher and principal I was a natural resource when other parents were struggling to find the right educational fit for their child,” explained ASC founder and lead consultant Elie Gaines. “My 26 years of personal and professional experience enables me to empathize with a parent struggling to make the right choice, while providing important data and input that will lead toward meaningful solutions.”

All Schools Consulting offers a full range of consulting to parents new to the Valley or long term residents simply overwhelmed with the plethora of choices available at the pre-school, elementary and high school levels.

From personal consultations and assessments to financial aid assistance and enrollment and placement guidance, ASC takes the stress out of finding the right school solution for parents and their school age children.

A 21-year resident of the Valley, Gaines brings considerable expertise to the new endeavor. An award-winning educator and established academic leader, she has served on numerous local, state and national education committees and boards. Gaines is also a noted national educational consultant.

“With the creation of All Schools Consulting,” explained the mother of two, “I hope to lead both children and their families on a rewarding journey of discovery.”

Additional information is available at or by calling 602.686.4480.

Contact: Elie Gaines. 602.686.4480. [email protected].

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