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The School Search

When undertaking a school search, the question on many parents’ minds is how do I find the right school for my child? Just as your child has a unique personality, interests and abilities, every school has distinct attributes. The motivation to embark on a school search can be as straightforward as recognizing that the current school “fit” is not quite right for your child or your family. The simple truth is, some students flourish in smaller classroom settings or in a creative, less competitive atmosphere; others soar when presented with ever-more-challenging scholastic goals.

Trust your gut. No one knows your child’s needs better than you. And when their learning environment is not serving them well…you know.

What do you feel is the most important outcome of schooling for your child and your family? We invest the time to learn much, much more, of course. But the answer to that question – along with building a strong, supportive connection with you – gives All Schools Consulting the key to identifying the school where your child can truly thrive., program or organization receive any form of compensation from All Schools Consulting.

When you initiate your school search with All Schools Consulting:

  • A successful search involves collaboration with the entire family. That’s why we place such importance on getting to know parents or guardians, the student and their siblings.
  • We have great respect for children’s thoughts and feelings. As the individual at the center of the school search, giving the student a voice is empowering – when posed the right questions, even a child of kindergarten age can give us a clear picture of what motivates them.
  • Your openness and honesty in our surveys and personal interactions enable ASC to deliver the most satisfying results for your child. That said, rest assured that we observe a strict privacy policy: Personal information you provide to ASC about your child or your family will never be shared with outside sources without your written permission.
  • While we work hand in hand with local schools, every effort we make is on behalf of your students and family. We do not accept commissions for placements or referrals, nor does any school, program or organization receive any form of compensation from All Schools Consulting.