All Schools Consulting - How to Find a School in a City or Community in Arizona

How to Find a School in a City or Community in Arizona

If you are searching to learn how to find the right school in a city, town or community in Arizona then there are a few things to think about for finding the best school fit:

First you should understand Arizona’s “open enrollment” policy. Our state is unique in many ways, including the flexibility it offers for school options.

Next, learn about the unique funding mechanisms in Arizona for public and private schools through Arizona Tax Credit, School Tuition Organization scholarships and the Empowerment Scholarship Account program.

Arizona has a wealth of outstanding school options, including public district, public charter, and parochial, private and home school. Arizona has the best school fit options to serve the unique needs of every child.

Research the many school options in your new community using various school search tools. Such tools are provided on relocation specialist websites, school tuition organization websites or school search tools such as can be found on websites for the Arizona Department of Education, the Arizona Charter School Association, or the National Association of Independent Schools in Arizona, to name a few.

School websites start to look the same after a while. How are the schools you research alike or different? Identify how a school will meet the specific and unique needs of your child and family.

If you would like to have assistance with your school search – at a much deeper level than typical school search tools provide – or to know why a particular school would be the best fit for your child and family, reach out to an educational consultant. Choose a consultant who knows schools and school systems well, from personal and professional experience inside the vast world of schools.

Experience matters for guiding your search! And, as Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

All Schools Consulting, located in Scottsdale, AZ, provides Preschool – Grade 12 education consulting services and school search advisors committed to working with families living in, or relocating to Arizona, to find the school that will best maximize their child’s education & school experience.  Call us at (602) 686-4480 or email us at [email protected].