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School Safety

In response to the recent school shootings, school safety comes into question, as it should. Certainly, with such tragedy but as it should be on a regular basis, schools have revisited crisis plans and steps taken daily to best ensure campus safety for their students and staff.

To provide schools with realistic assistance for students with mental health issues would be advantageous – meaning what they really need versus what they have.

Schools are often completely unequipped, or lack adequate assistance, to offer the help students really need. Students may be pushed through the system not because there aren’t caring educators or related service professionals along the way, but because their hands are tied with what they are able to offer, which is often a budget-related issue or legal issue.

Is it possible that in an effort to protect the rights of all students for a safe environment we endanger all students by not providing the real support schools need?

When looking for the right Preschool to grade 12 school “fit” for your child, ask about daily steps taken to ensure campus safety by way of school staff and the physical environment. And, as importantly as what can be seen on the outside, ask about systems in place within in the walls of the school to help students struggling with mental health issues – in the best interest of all students.